One Thousand Cranes for Peace-an event which took place at St. Luke's, the "bombed-out church", in Liverpool on October 18th 2003. I created the following 4 designs for paper which was then folded into 1,000 origami paper cranes, an international symbol of peace, by various members of the public. During this 5 minute performance the peace cranes were released from the bell tower of the church. The prints are my personal interpretation of electron microscope images of 4 diseases, namely Anthrax, Smallpox, Cholera and Typhoid. The first 2 represent the perceived threat to the West of biological weapons by Saddam Hussein's regime. The second 2 represent diseases which thrive in the aftermath of war as a result of contaminated water supplies. Fear of biological terror, in part, persuaded us to invade Iraq but in doing so we have to accept the inevitability of civilian casualties, not least of which was due to disease.